Banda Ashé

Banda Ashé was borned, as a pilot project, by the percussionist Yonder de Jesús in 2009 and it was consolidated in its current formation with their first recording project, “Antaño con Swing”, in 2013.

Through a repertoire which combines our own songs and cover versions of anthological Cuban songs, we try to show our own perspective on this music, through the renewal of the principal cells of the Son, combining traditional sounds with other more contemporary, but always respecting the concept and authenticity that give meaning to this genre.

We propose a very innovative formula that suggests a fusion of the Typical Orchestra with its violins and the Set of Son with its trumpets that is our main hallmark nowadays when the strings have been gradually replaced by metal sections at almost all Cuban groups.

We have performed in the main Latin music concert halls in Barcelona, various popular festivals in Catalonia and Andorra, and in many private events.

Formación Banda ashé en la grabación del disco "Antaño con Swing"

Banda Ashé Are:


Yonder de Jesús Timbales y dirección
Yadira Ferrer Cantante
Ray Cuza Cantante
Telva Rojas Cantante
Natalia Mediavilla Violin
Hector “Tico” Oduardo Trompeta
Abel Herrera “El Gitano” Trompeta
Cristian Cozanatan Congas
Guelmy Vazquez Bajo
Félix Ramos Piano
Jordi Barcelo Piano